Jena Burgin-Peters Entertainment is a Performing Arts Studio and Entertainment Production Office located in the heart of uptown Charlotte.  We hold classes in the beautiful studios found in Sprit Square Performing Arts Center.  At JBP we offer training in all forms of dance, voice for musical theatre, as well as offer professional performance opportunities year around.  Our focus is technique and performance, not competition.  The well rounded faculty at JBP has professional performance credits which gives our students an insight into the world of entertainment like no other.

Whether a student looking for recreational fun or a future Broadway star looking for intense training.  JBP Entertainment has something for you.  Check us out today and see what the buzz is about.



PHOTO GALLERY: May 2016 Spring Show!
JBP – May 2016 – Justin Driscoll
WHAT WE BELIEVE  We aim to inspire, excite, engage, and enlighten.  We lead by example.  We are constantly seeking new information and skills. We surround ourselves with positivity and laughter.  The JBP Entertainment Performing Arts studio is one that focuses on training and performance in a family environment.  We love what we do.