October 2015 Newsletter

We are off to a Amazing start at JBP Entertainment. Classrooms are bursting with energy and the dance floors are smiling from determined feet. As we approach week 4, dancers have already made enormous improvements in their practice. We believe it is largely because of the supportive environment that we all create together. The students, parents, faculty are so encouraging. At JBP, we believe that … Read More →

“GaGa for Jena” – My City Magazine Interview

Originally appeared in My City Magazine in May, 2013: “GaGa for Jena” Jena Burgin-Peters Interview by : Shane Elks I always tell others in the entertainment community to never burn a bridge because this is a small world! A perfect example of this is how I have friends all over the world that are entertainers and pretty much all of them could be linked by … Read More →